This movie is interesting to say the least. From the eerie police dials, to the wrongfully accused rich people, It’s just wild all over the board. Though some of the content in this movie irritates me as much as I let it, I find my self quite interested in what director/screenwriter Michael Moore has to say about America. The movie gained attention, and was subject to multiple criticisms throughout it’s debut; which is not far off the intentions of the creators. Overall, I give this “documentary” a 85% out of 100%


“Don’t put it in your pocket” – 1$ goes to who can name the movie this quote was from and who said it. Cast name, and actor name. 

Or, everyone could just not comment or even try. And I’ll be the dumb ass. Completely up to you guys though.


An Opinion At 2:42am

I’m going to be back where I came from in some days now. The familiar faces, high hopes, and smiles. My bedroom is dark right now, the moonlight shining on the chrome and brass of a drum-set. My parents breathe in an out, and a cat should be there, warming his place on the bed. It’s my home, and I miss it some.

Websites That Don’t Suck

1. http://www.youtube.com

2. http://www.facebook.com

3. http://www.addictinggames.com

4. http://www.wikipedia.com

5. http://www.google.com

6. http://www.liveleak.com

7. http://www.cnn.com

8. http://www.cracked.com

9. http://www.gamespot.com

10. http://www.failblog.net

Hm, opinion. I’m not about to write anything about the new president because there is nothing else to say.

so, I’m going to write about my dreams.

My dreams are the craziest shit ever, every single night I dream and remember them all like they were a movie. While I sleep my pineal gland is hard at work making me trip balls of Dimethyltryptahmine, and I must say that I have seen some unbelievably extraordinary visuals due to this. I cannot even begin to explain the different dimensions and worlds that have been portrayed behind my eyes. I tried a method once when I was a child, because my brother could remember dreams and I couldn’t; every single night after that it has been magical.

Ten Things That Suck

1. Bad table manners (chewing with mouth open/elbows)

2. Non intelligent people, who pretend

3. Fake people

4. People who think they know more about me than me

5. Messy things

6. People who when asked, “what kind of music do you like” say, I don’t know 

7. Hangovers

8. Being late

9. Jealousy 

10. Mosquitos… I cannot stand these little pieces of shit. I would eat twelve dead possums, to rid the world of them. Hell, I’d probably eat them alive.

The Truth Of A Stream.

The change that has been promised to this country is fascinating. I try to decipher this promise as if trying to find meaning in patterns of tile on a bathroom floor; when in reality those metaphorical tiles were placed with uncaring hands and without structural purpose. Though I believe in this change, it seems as if what I write might as well be wrote on the surface of a stream, to be stretched and transformed into meaningless ink over timeless stones. I cannot tell you what the future will hold, or who will be pleased. I cannot tell you if promise is just rhythm in a stream… But time can, and will.


Movies are great. I sometimes sit around and watch 3 movies in a row. Lately I have been contemplating changing my major to digital cinema. I just love how different directors and actors can bring different personal attributes into movies, and come out with a masterpiece. I have so many ideas that I would love to put to work, and I hope I can accomplish that goal.